Raise your emotional quotient

Jul 3, 2019

It does not matter how intelligent you are, there is something that might predetermine the happiness and success you are going through in life.

It doesn’t matter how gifted you are, there is something else that will pre – agree the happiness and success you are going through in life.

There is one main thing that might override everything else in life, and this will predetermine what you can expect for all upshots in your life.

What is that one thing?

The most essential thing a person can work on to enhance the individual’s life is the EQ (Emotional – Quotient).

This was being researched by social scientists, although the researchers looked at various aspects of successful individuals, they began with IQs. Immediately they found in individuals with very low IQs who are very successful financially, as well as with their relationships, and off the chart in regards to happiness. IQs were not a predetermined factor. Neither were the enormous other factors they studied compared with successful individuals.

As time passed, the scientists discovered and named they felt to be an important happiness and success –  the Emotional Quotient (EQ).

The emotional quotient is how a person handles emotion on a regular basis. The better a person handles emotion, the better that individual possesses. The converse is real as well.

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