May 24, 2018

Many people are confused about what a good relationship is and what is not. However, this is a very
subjective topic to deal with as each relationship varies from the other. Different people have faced
different experiences in their life and thus have varying perspective of things. What one couple may find
normal may be completely bizarre to another. There is no right or wrong in relationships, however there
definitely is healthy and unhealthy relationships. It completely depends on each couple on how they
want to make things work with their significant other.
Here are a few tips on how to keep a healthy relationship:
1) Take interest in each other’s lives
2) Acceptance and respect – as a relationship grows, apart from the nice things you will also come
to see the dark side of the person. Accepting and respecting the person for who they are and
loving them the same or more is key to an understanding relationship.
3) Reciprocate – effort in a relationship needs to work from both ends.
4) Positive regard – think positive and talk positive with your partner. Even If there has been a
misunderstanding, instead of pressing the issue, talk about what could be done next.

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