Self Esteem

May 24, 2018

Self esteem is about how you regard and value yourself. And a lot of people in recent times are seen to
be struggling with a low self esteem. Each person is different from another and have their own positives
and negatives. It is in accepting and embracing others for their good deeds by which we will be able to
love ourselves and have a better self esteem. Self esteem is not something you can build overnight or
even over a week. It needs continuous attention and thoughts being put into it. The following steps can
increase your self esteem if practiced regularly.
1) The practice of living consciously
2) Be aware of your surroundings and actions.
3) Write a journal on your daily activities, relationship with others, insecurities, etc.
4) Constantly remind yourself that you are good just the way you are and practice self-acceptance
5) Take responsibility for yourself and realize that you are responsible for your own choices and
6) The practice of self-assertiveness. Be strong in what you decide and stick to your decisions.
7) Be true to yourself and act through your real beliefs and feelings to the maximum.
8) Put thoughts into each and every action you perform and live a purposeful life
9) Jot down and achieve your personal goals that energize your daily mood
10) Practice personal integrity

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