May 24, 2018

Many people get confused between spirituality and religion. However, it is important to note that
both of these have little connection. While religion is something that we follow from external forces,
spirituality is an inner journey that needs to be experienced. One’s spiritual journey may not be the
same as anyone else’s. It is a universal human experience in order to attain peace and integrity
within ourselves. It is the relationship you truly share with yourself and with no one else, not even
It brings you relief from materialistic things, comfort, teaches you right from wrong (possibly
through ethics as well) and helps you reflect on yourself. It is one of the best ways to always remain
positive and enjoy a strong and powerful mental and emotional health. There are many ways one
experiences the journey of spiritualism, it may be through keeping in touch with nature, meditating,
etc. There are many articles and gurus who may help you in this journey, however it is a completely
personal experience for each. To each its own, and thus, you need to figure out your own way of
living a spiritual life.

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