Start loving yourself

Jul 2, 2019

Do you love and accept yourself? Accepting yourself means that you adore yourself for the way you are right at the moment. It does not mean that you stop making improvements to yourself. It just means that do not have to change to be good enough and lovable.

You are great, just the way you are.

So why doesn’t all naturally love themselves?

We are born loving ourselves, but somewhere along our journey, it might change a bit. People will tell you to look or act a certain way to be accepted. But this is not the case. You are good enough. And once you know this and begin loving yourself, your life will improve drastically.

The most essential thing you can do in your life is to adore yourself. It is more than having confidence, it is knowing deep inside yourself that you are real, special and lovable – exactly the way you are at this moment.

How to get started on loving and accepting yourself?

  • List down the things that you don’t accept and love about yourself. It can be anything from behaviors, physical items whatever comes to mind.
  • Take a list and for each one listed write: why don’t you adore yourself? Can this be changed? If, so what is that you can change or improve it?
  • Make a list of steps and ideas you can take to try to change every item you listed, if you really wanted to change it.

Make an agreement with yourself that you will make a commitment to make improvements, but that you will adore yourself immediately, just as you are.

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