Starting your day with a positive vibe

Mornings for all of us are in the most positive vibrational state. To maintain those vibes, start your day with good feeling thoughts.

The following routine, I have mentioned below to help you establish a positive vibrational tone for your whole day. It will also guide you to align with the natural well being state, have more clarity also enhance your life’s zest.


Give yourself a solid fifteen minutes daily in meditation. Allot a comfortable and a peaceful place and focus on the breathing to align with the frequency of the source.


Say thanks to the universe for all the showers that has blessed in your life;  having access to your health and body, spiritual growth, source, family and friends ,passion, etc. that comes in your mind that you are thankful for.


The most important time to offer your prayers is when you are in an alignment state. You can also ask help on problems that are troubling you, or for clarity on the vital step to take on a task.  Ask guidance in aligning with your intentions and becoming a vibrational match to your wants.


Be positive from inside out, the positive statement that you have in are more powerful. Say yourself that “I’m strong”, I’m healthy”, I’m wealthy”, “I’m loved by all”, I’m in peace”, “I have a passion” and other things that resonates with you.

Be constant

An excellent way to end the routine is being still or calm. Allow yourself to be very open to all that approaches you. You might taste the feeling of peace, joy or also words of encouragement that might drift into the thoughts.