Stop being sad and feel happy

Jul 7, 2019

We are in a society where its essential to fit in. Leading a happy and positive life is valued highly and feeling worried or blue about life is not cherished. As a result, we constantly try to always be happy and positive. There is no space for sadness in your minds. This is not a lively way of life to live. Asking yourself to be positive is no help to you because your sadness when it hits you has a own life of its own.

Recognize your sadness type

The three types of sadness that many of us fall into are;

  • Short – term sadness – these moods are like passing clouds and it doesn’t last a day or two. Sometimes there are reasons to feel sad and something there isn’t anything. Generally poor sleep cycle, no physical activity and stress are linked with this sadness. Pamper yourself or take a warm bath to soothe such type of sadness.
  • Trigger sadness – activated as a result of disturbing events that has occurred to you like as a death of someone close to your heart, financial ruin, divorce and losing your job. This feeling of sadness might make you feel vulnerable and powerless and it doesn’t fade away overnight. To manage such deep feelings you can share it out with your friends and peers to support and counsel you.
  • Depression – when feeling depressed you feel hopeless, sad and not able to eat well and sleep well for a long period of time. This is complicated and might vary from person to person. You can also ask the doctor’s advice to get recovered.

The above mentioned strategies are practical ways that can support you to control all  the feelings of sadness where you will be in control and empowered to choose how you want your life and how you want to feel. Let’s choose to be happy.

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