The most beautiful things on earth cannot be seen or even touched

The most beautiful things on earth cannot be seen or even touched, just like our emotions. Emotions are an integral part of human nature and everyone experiences it. The depth to which one experiences it is purely unique to him or her alone. Although you can express your emotions through your actions and words, only you can feel what you feel. Everyone needs to understand that emotions are personal to one self and not let others affect your emotions.

Due to the lack of this understanding, people tend to get carried away by others emotions by letting it reflect on their own. Your emotions can be controlled by you and you alone. However, for this you need to understand that and work towards being mindful about your emotions. Emotions can be controlled by keeping your body and mind calm. Meditation and breathing based exercises such as pranayama are great ways to achieve a calm mind. These exercises help to keep your mind still and understand the root of your emotions.

While emotions such as happy and excited are good to feel, negative emotions such as sad, angry or jealous are not good for you. However, it is important that you recognize the root of both types of emotions and channelize your energy and mind accordingly. Displaying all your emotions or incorrectly portraying them can work against you, in making you a subject of victim. Therefore, be aware of your emotions and most importantly, be the master of your emotions. Don’t become a slave to them!