The power of expectations and positive thinking

Oct 13, 2018

For centuries, humans have believed in the power of the mind over body. Our families and friends always tell us to ‘be positive’ and there is a reason behind it. Staying positive and having happy thoughts not only keeps you refreshed and inspired through your days and nights. It also enable others around you to absorb your positive energy. So where do expectations come into play? When you are always expecting the worst to happen, you are edgy, you are stressed and you drown in worry constantly.

You are always defensive because you think you need to prepare for the worst. While focusing on the negative, you allow the true beauty of life to pass you by.

Moments that could have made you happy are completely overlooked because you are only staring at the single problem in front of you. When you have positive expectations, you take things lightly and you learn to improvise when things get rough. When you expect the best to happen, you bring out the best in yourself and allow time for being in the ‘here’ and ‘now’, rather than fluttering away to a stressful moment that doesn’t actually exist.

If you expect to not get a job when you step in for an interview, you will most likely not get that job. If you expect that you can do your best in order to get the job, you will most probably get your dream job, provided you have the talent and experience to back you up. Expectations shouldn’t be too far fetched. You can’t wake up today expecting to buy a plane in the evening. But you can expect to visit a friend or two, complete a goal you’ve been working on for days, or perhaps win a competition that means a lot to you!

While you set expectations, make sure they are realistic and more importantly, make sure that they are positive. People always tell you to expect the unexpected. Let the unexpected be something that makes you happy in life. Believe in yourself, and watch the world change around you.

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