Tips for listening to your body mind

Aug 14, 2019

You have it with you now and all the time – an underused and a brilliant resource; your mind and mind. When you tap into this powerful intelligence and deep, open wide to bring you more pleasure, healing, happiness, meaning and vitality in all parts of your life.

What does your body mind want you to know? Use these simple suggestions to dive in and find out!

Believe your body

This has something of value to tell you. Believing in your body has something valuable to interact is a powerful and radical first step. You like, many modern adults, might learn as very little as possible to overcome and ignore the message that the body shows. By doing this, you can reduce yourself off from the vital life force.

Even though we have taught in our culture to value thinking about mind over body mind, the intelligence your body has information, perception and delight that your thinking mind might not begin to know.

Drop down the thinking

Thinking that mind is great for various things which also includes fixing, planning, worrying, comparing and judging. But it cannot process by itself.

As said its just a part of your intelligence. Tune your body mind and you will have larger, more instinctual, visionary intelligence, initiative to partner with it.

Some of the easy to step to shift from thinking mind to the body are;

  • Allow the thinking mind to be dreamy and mild. Also, say “Thank you” for being so clever and helpful. Now for a little while, you can take a small break.
  • Soften your eyes, it lives close to the eyes. When its overdone it might cause stress in your eyes. You might have already noticed your eyes getting strained when you try to sort out things. This is an excellent sign that working too much and might need some help from the body mind.

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