Tips on meditating for healthy body and mind

Sep 7, 2019

There are various reasons why we don’t follow that are good for us.  When I first started meditating, I started to experience the positive effects of meditation. The exposure was very scientific, very medical. I also came to know that is great for your heart, your stress levels and your overall health.

When you start your meditation, put all your expectations aside, and do not stress out about the right way to do it. Meditation includes lots of ways and there are no fixed criterion for finding right meditation. What works and the right method for you. As finding out what works might need some adjustments and experimentation.

There are few things that you must avoid

  • Never try to force something to happen
  • Remember not to over – analyze the meditation
  • Also, never try to make your mind blank
  • Never chase thoughts away

Remember, there is no specific way to meditate. Just concentrate the process and find which suits you more.

To begin meditating, choose a place and time where you will not be disturbed. That in itself might seem like an invisible task. Unless you  a loner, there are probably people in your life demanding your attention and time. You might want to express people what you will guide them to find their socks, hearing the rants about people at work or anything whatever after you have had a few minutes of quiet and peace. Allow them to know that this is something that you must do for yourself, but they might also benefit from it as you will be more energetic, relaxed and loving.

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