What make us happy?

Happiness is something we love to believe we know and know well, but in practice it might become too tough and elusive thing to obtain. Recently psychologists and other researchers have started to ask the question, “What is that it makes an individual happy?”. These researchers try to explain not just what makes a person happy but also what not.

The top reasons why you are not happy;

You don’t have a healthy physical body –  there is where many begin to lose their health because of bad habits. They become so ill as to worry and tensed over smaller things. These stresses can swallow your happiness, so try to focus on your healthy mind to grow.

Don’t know the real meaning of happiness –  there are so many of people who still search for the secrets of a happy life and happiness by looking for the perfect meaning of happiness. But realize that happiness is nothing else than a state of mind. It’s an emotion therefore there is an excellent news behind it. For state of mind and emotions can be induced. This is the truth and many might not realize and many don’t even know it.

Not having a purpose in life – this is very essential for everyone, there are so much of happiness in doing what we adore. If we are in love with what we do then we might be more happy and productive. This is a simple secret that many fail to realize. Discover your desires and dreams and then pursue it no matter what stops you. You can find happiness. You can check out my previous posts about happiness and passion.