Why money is an important source of happiness

Sep 26, 2018

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy all the materialistic things that are required to keep you happy. The importance of money is often debated on by many people. While some believe that there is more to life than money, others feel money plays a vital role in your happiness. While both the stands have a point to ponder upon, we are here to talk about why one definitely requires money to be happy.

Money isn’t everything, but everything needs money. Take for instance all the basic necessities that you require for a comfortable living. Be it your house, your food or clothing, these things are basic necessities required for your survival. And to buy these things, you need money. It is the medium of exchange for any goods or services that you need to buy. Unless a certain thing works on a barter system, it is unlikely that you can own anything free of cost. Thus, everyone requires money. Everyone works for it, wants it and thinks about how to make more money. While the drive to increasing your income is great for your way of living, one should make sure this doesn’t turn into greed. If you become greedy for money, you are never going to understand the value of what you have and will only be unhappy wanting more and more of it.

Thus, money can be a trick game in your lives. Understanding that money is an important source of happiness, but not happiness itself is vital.

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