Why relationships fail?

Aug 24, 2019

If your relationship is going downhill, and feel that maintaining a healthy relationship really need some hard work. Then accept the fact that all couples not just you encounter a few bumps along the journey to a lasting relationship.  If you recognize earlier, these bumps can push them to take the relationships to break – ups and lead to wrong direction or divorce. Its very essential to recognize these relationship killers ahead of time to skip further damage. These are some common reasons why a relationship fails.

Lack of communication

One way to be connected with each other is to have strong communication. Couples tend to drift apart because of lack of communication. This is the main reason why many problems start in a relationship. Assuming that your partner knows what you are thinking is dangerous to your relationship.

Not being supportive with the goals and careers

One of the reasons why relationship fail is the problem with the ambitions and careers between them. When you have different ambition and goals and not able to support or compromise him/her, the relationship might suffer in the end. Its best to support each other’s interest or careers to skip relationship hurdles.

Things becoming regular

The excitement and fire in a relationship might die when you become too complacent or comfy with each other, things become very regular that an act of love. You might become more like a  friend or a sibling than soul mates. Being too comfortable with each other steals saway the romance and excitement in a relationship which can become too boring and routine.

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