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Why worry?

Oct 13, 2018

Worry is normal. Anxiety is common. Paranoia is a part of our lives. But do we spend too much time worrying and focusing on the negative? Most people do! Worrying is healthy to a certain extent – a mother worries about her child who is travelling alone and would probably make a few calls to them in case they haven’t reported that they’ve reached their destination. This ensures that the child is safe. This type of worry is instinctive and it has purpose.

But what about worrying about the future? What about worrying about how your child’s life would be after 15 years? This type of worry is unnecessary, time consuming and damaging. It influences decisions you make for today and although this may seem like the right thing – it’s not. Worry shouldn’t consume your life to an extent that it makes things worse! In worrying about your child’s future, you may overprotect them to an extent that they cannot fend for themselves without your support. Or they may become rebellious and disturbed and turn against you.

Worry is harmful and it spreads negativity to another person. A colleague or friend who constantly worries and complains may initially derive sympathy or consolation from people around them. After a couple of days, their energy seems to drain everyone and nobody wants to be around them. Are you this type of person? If you are, then your ‘worries’ are the main reason why nobody wants to be around you. But that’s not all, worrying and stress will make you stop enjoying your own company. The thoughts in your head will be so overbearing that you can’t spend time alone or if you do, you try to fill it with habits that are repetitive and destructive to your inner peace and mental health. To get rid of worry, try to meditate everyday. Believe in the goodness of people and trust in yourself. Life is full of ups and downs but it is best to always look on the bright side. So don’t worry, be happy!


  1. Nice Article… Thanks for sharing

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